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From my babyhood the carrier pigeons were my passion. For the first time their wings rustled above my head as early as 1969. For the following 17 years I took place with my pigeons in races at various places of this country as well as abroad. However after that time I moved and as a result of changed circumstances I had to give up this hobby of mine. But I always loved them and so the name of my breeding station is Rustling wings.

From the very beginning of pure-bred dogs breeding. I have adhered to the rule that every dog of mine must take part in at least one exhibition during its life. However the first great success came several years later, in 1991, with the dog of AKITA INU breed called Ajah Veda.This dog was the first in my breeding which obtained the title INTERCHAMPION. Among other major successes I would like to mention the title of world champion of young BOB with the bitch of HOKKAIDO KEN breed called Jakobinne Kuriyama Yonebayashisho. In 1996 the dog of HOKKAIDO KEN breed called Jakob de Takara won the title of world champion BOB in Vienna. This title was awarded to him by Japanese jury. In the same year Jakob and Jakobinne were the winners in the competition for the most beautiful pair of dogs in the exhibition INTERDOG BOHEMIA in Mladá Boleslav. In 1997 their chidren Akuri and Aganuma Rustling wings, at that time 9 months old, won the same competition. In 1997 at the European exhibition in Copenhagen Akuri. and Aganuma won the title of European champions when Akuri was declared the best individual of the breed. I have not returned empty-handed from the European exhibition in Genoa in 1997, neither. My bitch of Greenland dog breed called Ashewaq won the European champion and my dog called Akuri won the title of European winner BOB for the second time. On June 22,. 2000 the same dog won the title of World champion in Milan. In the year 1999 my Greenlad dog- bitch called Ashewaq won the title for the most successful dog in the 15 years long history of the Breeders of Nordic Breeding Club At present I have six dogs of the three breeds which won the title INTERCHAMPION. In 1998 I imported, as the first owner in Central Europe, two dogs of (CATAHOULA LEOPARD DOG).

Presently, not only our dogs, but also their offsprings can be met at various exhibitions. We were successful in breedinga whole line of wonderful animals and I believe we have every reason to be proud of our achievements. Constantly rising interest in the hardy and untiring breed of Leopard dog proves our results during the recent years.

If you are a sporty man who does not mind staying out in the open then this breed is exactly the true friend for you. You can find More information on the following pages which we hope to be able to keep up to date with your assistance. We would like to take advantage of our experience and knowledgewe have gained during our five years work. It should be said that the conditions in this country are a bit different than those in the USA. From that follows slightly different use of the dog. We can recommend dog tracking, scooters, cross country skiing, sleigh, agility and other similar sports activities to everyone interested.

Ing. Gerhard Stein